Concentrate Feeding management: A healthy goat eats 8%-10% of its body weight per day (approximately 30kg goat will eat 2.5-3kg per day), which comprises of green fodder (70-80%) dry fodder (10-20%) and concentrate feed (10%) and minerals in traces. However, the feeding capacity decreases during the disease and increases during lactation. Click here to know how much to feed exactly depending on body weight.  Concentrate feed chart for goats:   Feeding is an essential aspect of goat raising and may […]

Concentrate feeding management

At Birth To allow bonding the doe must clean and groom her kids and remain undisturbed for two to four hours. Usually the kidding should be without any external intervention. However, one may intervene only in these conditions: • When there is mal-presentation or difficulties in kidding.

Raising goat kids

The quantity of feed consumed by a goat depends on: age; breed; sex, size and physiological status (pregnant /lactating.) – Goats will consume about 3-5% of their own body weight in dry matter daily or 8-10% of body weight in fresh matter basis. – Young goats will consume relatively more than mature goats – Pregnant and lactating animals will need more feed to produce milk and to   enable the fetus to grow.

Feed Requirements