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How to sell goats off your farm:(Meat purpose)

Selling of goat is not a big problem at all.Goats are like blank cheques in your pocket,you can turn goats into cash even at midnight.

  • Market_PostYou can sell it to butcher(slaughter house owner) just contact any butcher of your local area.They require 100 of male goats per month(yearly 1200 male goats).As you can realize there is a huge shortage of goats. And so, any butcher will be willing to buy your goats readily.
  • Alternatively, you can sell goats in your local market through any agent, if you don’t have much time But, it’s always better to sell the goats directly to butcher.
  • You can advertise in your local newspaper for selling goats, if you are planning to sell more than 100 goats per month (Applicable to bigger farms).
  • Selling during Eid: You can sell male goats at the time of bakrid/ eid for a significantly higher price. Eid goat should be a male year old goat. So make sure, you have a good stock on these animals during Eid.
  • Alternatively, you can open your own meat shop and sell meat directly (depends on state regulations). The labor cost for the butcher can be easily offset by income generated by the sale of goat hide.




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2 thoughts on “Selling Goats

  • Dinesh kumar

    Dear Dr.Kumar

    I own 3acre of farm in CBE with good water facility. 1 acre dry land , I had open tiles shed in area of 800 SQft and covered shed of 500Sqft.
    my interest to start goat farming. initially how much shd I need to invest, how many goats I need to purchase in diff category.

    kindly advice.