Nutritional deficiency disorders

Breeding Issues

Breeding Issues Nutritional Deficiency
Retained placentas, metritis Copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin E
Lack of estrus Copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin E
Tailess sperm in semen  Selenium
Lack of libido Copper-molybdenum


 Intentinal Issues

Intentinal Issues Nutritional Deficiency
Acidosis (pH balance) Sodium bicarbonate
Low butterfat test Sodium bicarbonate
Undigested feed in manure Copper, cobalt
Scouring Copper, molybdenum
Worm resistance Copper, molybdenum
Low production Copper, zinc, manganeses, inorganic sulfate
Abnormal appetite Copper, cobalt


 Hoof problems

Hoof problems Nutritional Deficiency
Hoof Rot Copper, iodine
Abnormal hoof growth Copper
Soft hoof growth Copper
Swollen fetlocks Copper
Laminitis High rumen acid upsets copper absorption
Hairy wart resistance Copper (nutrition), formaldehyde (foot bath)

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