Management of Male goats (Bucks)

• Male goats are known to be fertile at an earlier stage than females. In such circumstances males have to be raised separately from females to avoid unplanned mating.

• Bucks have to be kept in good condition and fed at all times.

• Concentrate feeds can be should be provided throughout the year. If that’s not possible it should be  provided 2 months before breeding season.

• For breeding purposes bucks with horns have to be used, so as to avoid haemophroditism (bisexual), which comes with the use of hornless/polled bucks.

• Bucks can be selected at an early age. A male kid born weighing about 2.5kg (depends on breed) or more could be selected for future breeding. Heavier and fast growing bucks should be selected. Select bucks from twin births so as to increase the chances of twinning.

• Males not suitable for breeding should be castrated or culled.

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