Feed Requirements

The quantity of feed consumed by a goat depends on: age; breed; sex, size and physiological status (pregnant /lactating.)

goat feeding

– Goats will consume about 3-5% of their own body weight in dry matter daily or 8-10% of body weight in fresh matter basis.

– Young goats will consume relatively more than mature goats

– Pregnant and lactating animals will need more feed to produce milk and to   enable the fetus to grow.

– Goats need a balanced diet comprising of water, carbohydrates, protein,  vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Use our feed calculator to know how much to feed



Protein Leguminous plants (Lucerne, Agathi, etc.,), Poultry litter, Oil seed cakes (Cotton seed, Ground nut, sesame), Azolla
Carbohydrates Cereals (maize, sorghum, millet, corn), molasses
Vitamins Vegetables, green forage
Minerals Agro-industrial residue, limestone flour
Water Water bodies, succulents (water melons, cacti etc)
Fiber Crop residues, hay

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