Caring of Dry Goats

Caring of Dry Goats

Goat should be maintained in good condition during the dry period (non lactating period) so she will freshen in a healthy state and have every opportunity to produce more milk in the next lactation.

A good mineral mixture should be available.  Mineral may contain from 12-18% calcium, 6-8% phosphorus and 25-30% salt, with trace minerals and vitamins.
During the last 3-4 weeks of gestation, nutrition becomes more important to the doe. She should receive a better quality grass hay and about the same type of ration she will receive after kidding.The doe should be managed during the dry period so that she is in good condition at the time of kidding. She should not be allowed to become fat.
Goats should be allowed to rest 2 months before birthing.  Since there is a 5 month gestation, the goat can milk 3 months after being bred, and then rests month 4 and 5.  The rest period allows the goat’s mammary system to repair.Very high producing does need a longer dry period.  If you do not allow your does to rest, they will produce only 65-75% as much milk in the next lactation.


Don’t breed the goats immediately after 21 days of kidding. Allow atleast 2 oestrus cycyle(42 days) rest,to get prepared for next pregnancy.This will ensure increase the kidding and milking ratio.

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