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Goat Products a) Chevon Goat meat has several desirable features:- – It is preferred to mutton in India. – The digestibility coefficient and biological value of dried goat meat are 95.2 and    60.4 per cent, respectively. – It has less fat due to active disposition of the animal.

Goat Products 

The quantity of feed consumed by a goat depends on: age; breed; sex, size and physiological status (pregnant /lactating.) – Goats will consume about 3-5% of their own body weight in dry matter daily or 8-10% of body weight in fresh matter basis. – Young goats will consume relatively more than mature goats – Pregnant and lactating animals will need more feed to produce milk and to   enable the fetus to grow.

Feed Requirements

Four key traits to be considered for selection of goats used primarily for meat production are the following: 1) adaptability to environmental and production conditions, 2) reproductive rate, 3) growth rate and 4) carcass characteristics. Of these four production traits, only carcass characteristics are not readily measurable on the farm. With good record keeping and a set of scales, the meat goat producer can collect the information needed to measurably increase the productivity of his/her meat goat enterprise. Get a scorecard […]

Selection of Goats