• Bungalow Duck now available @ Vani Farms
  • Call 9444251836
  • Guinea fowl  கினி கோழி Also available
  • (All naturally reared, no antibiotics, free range chickens
  • Nattu Kozhi Eggs Available at Wholesale Price & its negotiable
  • Thalachery and Salem black goats available for sale ( Breeding and Meat purpose) near Thiruvarur/ Kumbakonam 


Nattu Kozhi @ Vani Farms

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We are a mid sized farm located near Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu. We supply quality  Country Chicken & Goats raised in a quality facility for breeding purposes. 


Agro-farming is the backbone of our country. Over the past few decades, because of the industrial and IT sector development, India started to lose farming communities. However, in the recent years, many educated youth and entrepreneurs are starting to give some thoughts on Agro farming sector. One such agro farming sector is Goat farming. Our goal is to impart training, knowledge and provide highest quality breeding stock, to the farmers/entrepreneurs interested in Goat farming.


This website is an initiative to enable open and free community collaboration for easy compiling and sharing of information on Goat farming in India.Please feel free to browse our site and let us know if you need any help in starting a farm. To get up to date information/tips in goat rearing, subscribe to our website. You can subscribe and login by either Facebook or Gmail/Google. It’s pretty simple and safe.


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Vani Farms – India – Boer and Thalachery Goats